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MethylScan® (Methylation Proteomics)

Histone methylation is crucial for proper programming of the genome during development, and misregulation of the methylation machinery can lead to diseased state including cancer. MethylScan® Service is a new PTMScan®Service offering that provides a unique and unparalleled strategy for global analysis of methyltransferase and demethylase activity on protein methylation. The Service utilizes antibodies with high affinity to mono-methylated arginine peptides for enrichment of mono-methylated peptides from protease-digested cell or tissue samples, followed by LC-MS/MS analysis for quantitative profiles of many hundreds of non-redundant mono-methylated sequences. Reagents for detection of di-methylated and tri-methylated peptides are currently in development. Please contact ptmscan@cellsignal.com for more information.



Target Antibody Bead Kit Consenus Site Cell or Tissue Type Peptides Identified
Methylated-Arginine 8015 - - Me-R Mouse Brain and Embryo 1109|PDF XLS (results)
XLS (infomatics)
8711 - - ME-RGG


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