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Biotinylated Protein Ladder Detection Pack #7727

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Species cross-reactivity is determined by western blot.

Applications Key:

Source / Purification

The protein ladder consists of 10 proteins ranging in apparent molecular weight from 9 to 200 kDa. The 9 kDa protein is corresponding to aprotinin purified from bovine lung. The proteins from 20-50 kDa are paramyosin fragments; the higher molecular weight proteins are fusions of maltose binding protein (MBP) with paramyosin or paramyosin/lacZ fragments.The anti-biotin HRP antibody should only be used to detect the marker and not other biotinylated proteins.

本蛋白梯子包含分子量从9到200KDa 的10种蛋白, 9KDa的蛋白是从牛肺中纯化的抑蛋白酶肽。 20到25KDa 的蛋白是副肌球蛋白片段;更高分子量的蛋白是麦芽糖结合蛋白(MBP)与副肌球蛋白或副肌球蛋白/lacZ片段的融合蛋白。抗生物素HRP抗体仅用于检测本蛋白分子量标准,而非其他生物素化的蛋白。


Biotinylated protein ladder detection packs are designed to detect the molecular weight ladders on Western blots when using the horseradish peroxidase (HRP) based Western detection system. The pack contains biotinylated protein ladders and HRP-linked, anti-biotin antibody. The molecular weight ladders are a mixture of purified proteins covalently coupled to biotin that resolve to 10 bands that have a size range of 9-200 kDa. The anti-biotin antibody is used to detect biotinylated protein ladders on Western blots. The packs have been optimized for chemiluminescent Western detection procedures.

生物素化蛋白梯子检测包装是在辣根过氧化物酶 (HRP)的Western检测系统中用来检测Western blots中蛋白的分子量。本包装含有生物素化蛋白梯子和HRP直标的抗生物素抗体。分子量梯子是一种纯化的蛋白与生物素共价结合的混合物,当电泳时分解成9到200KDa之间的10条带。抗生物素抗体在Western blots中用来检测生物素化蛋白梯子。本包装已经采用化学发光western检测程序优化。

Western Blotting

Western Blotting

Directions for Use

Notes on Use(1) 
 (a) Thaw protein ladder on ice. Mix well and aliquot the desired amount of the protein ladder (10 µl for mini-gels and 20 µl for full length gels) into a separate tube. 
 (b) Heat the ladder to 95-100ºC for 2 minutes. 
 (c) After a quick microcentrifuge spin, load directly onto gel. To ensure uniform mobility, load an equal volume of 1X Reducing SDS Loading Buffer into any unused wells.

(a)将蛋白梯子置于冰上融化,混匀并且分装所需要量的蛋白梯子(请在微型胶中使用10ul,在全长胶中使用20ul ) (b)在95-100度,将蛋白梯子加热2分钟。 (c)经快速离心后,直接加到胶的加样孔中。为了保证统一,加入等量的1X reducing SDS Loading Buffer到未用的孔中。

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