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TWIST1 Antibody #46702

No. Size Price
46702S 100 µl ( 10 western blots ) ¥3,250.00 现货查询 购买询价 防伪查询
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Applications Dilution Species-Reactivity Sensitivity MW (kDa) Isotype
W 1:1000 Human, Endogenous 26 Rabbit
IP 1:50

Species cross-reactivity is determined by western blot.

Applications Key: W=Western Blotting, IP=Immunoprecipitation,

Specificity / Sensitivity

TWIST1 Antibody detects endogenous levels of total TWIST1 protein.

Source / Purification

Polyclonal antibodies are produced by immunizing animals with a synthetic peptide corresponding to residues near the amino terminus of human TWIST1 protein. Antibodies are purified by protein A and peptide affinity chromatography.

Western Blotting

Western Blotting

Western blot analysis of extract from SH-SY5Y cells using TWIST1 Antibody.


TWIST1 is a basic helix-loop-helix (b-HLH) transcription factor that functions as a master regulator of embryonic morphogenesis and plays essential roles in mesenchymal differentiation and osteogenic determination (1-3). Mutations affecting the b-HLH domain of the TWIST1 gene have been associated with Saethre-Chotzen syndrome, an autosomal dominant craniosynostosis disorder causing craniofacial and limb abnormalities (4,5). TWIST1 is upregulated in various human tumors and may play a role in EMT (epithelial-mesenchymal transition) and metastasis (6,7). Upregulation of TWIST1 may contribute to resistance to Taxol and microtubule regulating drugs in tumors (8).

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