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SignalStain® Citrate Unmasking Solution (10X) #14746

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SignalStain® Citrate Unmasking Solution (10X) is used for antigen unmasking of formalin fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue sections or cell pellets in immunohistochemical assays (IHC-P). Cell Signaling Technology recommends the optimal unmasking reagent for each IHC-P approved antibody. Please consult the primary antibody datasheet to determine if citrate is recommended for your specific product.

This product supplies enough 10X SignalStain® Citrate Unmasking Solution to make 1.25 liters of 1X unmasking solution at pH 6.0.

Directions for Use

Dilute to a 1X unmasking solution using ddH2O just before use. Bring slides to a boil in 1X SignalStain® Citrate Unmasking Solution. Maintain at a sub-boiling temperature for 10 min. Cool slides on bench top for 30 min.

Antigen unmasking protocols utilizing a water bath are not recommended. While antigen unmasking performed with a microwave is preferred, the staining of particular tissues or antigen targets may require the use of a pressure cooker.


Proteins within fixed tissue sections contain chemical cross-links that may prevent antibody access or mask antigen targets in immunohistochemical assays. This limited access may vary among different tissue or antigens. Heat-induced antigen unmasking improves accessibility of antibodies to tissues antigens (1).

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